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The latest installment of "Men in Black" according to the announcements and beliefs of not only the director, but also Will Smith, the main character of the film, who again played the role of Agent J, was to be the best part of the trilogy, full of action, great special effects, interesting and funny dialogues and with an unusual scenario. I have to admit that the trailers and statements of the creators very much sharpened my appetite for "Men in Black 3", which made me quite demanding for the latest painting by Barry Sonnenfeld, "father" of the production I discussed. As in every previous part, this time the main characters of the picture are agent J and agent K, who deal with solving problems with foreign arrivals and keeping the public in the dark, how frequent and at the same time dangerous visits of aliens are.


In the meantime, when friends deal with formalities regarding the funeral of a colleague from the organization's controlled prison, one of the most dangerous criminals, Beast Borys, gets out. During the routine action, our heroes meet with the escaped prisoner. Agent J tired of asking questions: What happened between Agent K and Borys? Why is information about the closure of a foreign visitor confidential? Due to his curiosity and nosy, he is suspended for two weeks, on the recommendation of the partner. When the next day he appears at the door to apartment K, with the intention of apologizing to him, he suffers a slight shock ...


nothing is as it should ...


The scenario of "Guy in Black 3" is an undoubted plus of production.


Although it is predictable and sometimes secondary, it is efficiently implemented and thought out. Following the new adventure of two charismatic agents is a real pleasure, it is interesting and funny, and some solutions proposed by the creators turned out to be very ingenious. You can see that the scriptwriters still have "fresh" ideas. The theme of time travel and the juxtaposition of the past and the present turned out to be a very interesting thread in production. Thanks to this, we could get to know one of our agents, K, and learn why he is so bitter and sometimes unpleasant towards other people. The authors focused on a closer presentation of the main characters and their friendly relationship. It's definitely a nice change from the previous parts.


The plus is also the perverse and certainly for less experienced movie lovers, a surprising end to production. It is a good closing of Barry Sonnenfeld's film.


The "Men in Black 3" also did not lack humor. Funny dialogues and comic situations are the domain of this series. Gags are at a high level and really laugh, and situational humor is an undoubted plus of production.


Although the last part of the trilogy does not laugh as much as the previous editions, it is one of the funniest images I have recently seen compared to other comedies made recently. The whole film is kept in a slightly humorous convention. Music is another good side of the picture. Although it stands out from the previous parts very much and there is no comparison to them, it still contributes to building the climate and tension. It is dynamic during action scenes and calmer during dialogues.


She harmonized well with the events observed on the screen, as well as reflecting the atmosphere of reality presented by the writers. The same can be said about the makeup, which was simply divine. The appearance of newcomers from space is extremely ingenious and original. The characters are colorful and colorful, as well as the whole world, despite the film action taking place mainly at night.


Ingenuity did not leave the creators when creating the weapons of the heroes. The weapons and vehicles they use are interestingly implemented.


On the plus side, one should also notice the created world, which is dark on the one hand, and extremely humorous on the other, may be colored. Special effects in "Men in Black 3" were sensational. Case assembled and implemented. The 3D effect only intensified the spectacle of the work, although the film would defend itself without it. It is enough to mention here Agent J's jump from the skyscraper. Also praise the monster animation, which was made with attention to detail.


Acting very well. Will Smith was sensational again.


It was good to see him again as Agent J.


Has unusual facial expressions. Tommy Lee Jones did a good job too. It is a pity that the production occurs rather episodically.


In turn, great applause belongs to Josh Brolin, who found himself in the role of young agent K.


He created an expressive hero, imitating Tommy Lee Jones well. I could really believe that the character K was played in the picture by one actor. Although I will not agree with Will Smith that this is the best part of the series, Barry Sonnenfeld's film is a worthy representative of the trilogy, only slightly inferior to the first




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