Live Music tickets in Calgary

Live Music tickets in Calgary

How to Buy Tickets for Concerts in Calgary
We know that sorting out tickets for concerts in Asia can be a tricky endeavor. Luckily, purchasing tickets for concerts in Calgary can be much easier than for Japanese shows.
Here are the best ways to purchase tickets online:

1. Official Retailers
If you don’t want to deal with resellers but prefer to purchase from official channels, you can do so for most events at either of the following two main ticket retailers. Keep in mind that tickets tend to sell very quickly so the best seats but also the cheapest categories can be sold out very soon. To purchase you will usually need your passport number as well as a valid credit card. You can buy tickets on their website, one of the many box offices in Calgary or by calling their hotline. Any of those channels is available to English speakers.

While most pop and rock concerts are handled by Calgary Ticketing, tickets for many non-mainstream events such as classical or Jazz concerts, Chinese opera, cultural performances and festivals, etc. are sold through Tickets can be bought online, by phone or at one of their 40 outlets in Calgary.

2. Resale tickets
We do not recommend purchasing tickets from touts on the street since there is a risk that they are false or overpriced.
However, in some cases purchasing from resale platforms online can be a good alternative to purchasing through the official retailers. This is especially the case if an event or the seat category you are looking for is already sold out.

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Do note that for resale tickets bought online price does oftentimes not reflect the seat quality. In other words: a higher price does not always mean a better seat. Therefore it is important that the seat location or at least the category is specifically mentioned in the offer.

A popular resale site on which tickets for concerts and other events in Calgary are sold is:



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