tricks niedorajdki

tricks niedorajdki



You want to shoot a frustrating movie, which everyone will be admired? Create a hero who in life can not succeed on their own request, Throw theme of the father who left the family, and all Show me from the perspective of a little boy with the gentle blond hair. About "Tricks" does not make sense to write too much, because the better the picture to bypass than devote half an hour of your time. The screenplay places the characters in Walbrzych, where they live, among other things Stefek, his older sister Elka Elka recommending to George, wishing sensitivity buxom blonde - Violka and used car traders Turek. On the platform of the local train station every day a man appears, who probably is the father of Stefka and Elka. Share? Well, the action role-playing is the only representation of Brownian motion, which governs the individual characters.


Elka learn Italian, because he wants to get a good job, her mother runs a small shop, Violka every day is going to have fun with another sugar daddy, and Stefek scheming how can you bring to the reunion of father and mother.


And it would be enough.


  All characters bounce off one's life like a ball in the draw multilotka. Stefek trying zeswatać father and mother, but still something that bothers him. Elka almost comes to a job interview (I'm sure that she got to her), but it is late, as previously forgets what time it is. George still spoils the engine, but at least he wants podwozić Elka. Besides not doing anything, but sometimes lacking in podłubie wheels wreck '69 Mustang, which it owns. Only Turk seems to be exactly where it should - it has its own business, doing, how it can and has its own approach to the world and life philosophy. Complete the form, shame so rare.


  I know, what about this film, people say, which I liked. That warm, squeezing the tears that recognizes humor and slow rhythm of life in a poor expensive city in that it is a kind of Czech cinema with the characters without much success in life, but having their pride and enjoying life. None of these things.


"Tricks" is only praise helplessness in the face of the doomed fate which always disturbs and makes again something someone does not come out; full story indulgence, the message can be summed up in a short sentence. All kind of try, but lacks happiness and prospects.


Elka is learning, but simply forgot about the time. Any real fighting, no real effort to. Sure, there are such people, but what about them shoot another movie? But no need to immediately create a story about the American dream. Just inspiration Hungarian "Controllers", with the characters having a lousy job, but people who know what they do elbows. With people who live. The only plus points, which in the "Tricks" I saw were beautiful eyes and beautiful legs Ewelina Walendziak (acting which has yet to learn), and a pretty good performance Damian Ul playing Stefka. There's no denying that Damian positively stand out against all those wooden puppets, which in Polish cinema are called "actors childhood" ..



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