Sonicare 4100 versus 5100 compared to 6100, What's the Change Among Them?

Sonicare 4100 versus 5100 compared to 6100, What's the Change Among Them?

best toothbrush for gum recession sensitive teeth up 4100 is predominantly with the end purpose of tooth plaque control thus it leads to cleaner teeth by immovably pressed quality fibres which tidy up in order to multiple times a lot more bacteria than a standard tooth brush. Though the Shielding Clear 5100 makes your gums considerably more beneficial by means of excreting back plate around the nicotine gum line to enhance your gum health up to 100% in excess connected with a good manual tooth brush together with the defensive clean 6100 makes your own tooth considerably more white. It does that together with its immovably crammed stain evacuation center fibers together with by squeezing W DiamondClean brush head to get rid of area stains. It's exhibited clinically that brighten your teeth may assistance with several days. These three most have various purposes hence they have different determinations to attain the last item.


Defensive Clean 4100 provides just a single function which is cleaning mode although Protective Clean 5100 plus 6100 both have several modes which are clean, light and gum care ways.


Another distinction involving all these three brushes is that Sonicare 4100 probably features a charger which can be important when you are voyaging yet 5100 in addition to 6100 both have a good charger when going with regard to substantial stretches of time period and a convenient take a trip case which helps you retail store your toothbrush on traget. This specific movement case can be missing with Sonicare 4100.



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