Alive In LeóN, Nicaragua

Alive In LeóN, Nicaragua

When Sandino discovered the truth in regards to the Liberal Party, he would keep his political distance while collaborating with it militarily. The Sandinista revolution's roots truly precede the Russian revolution.
This theory is a product of the intellectual and political breakthroughs made by Russian Marxism. The notion that Cuba is building socialism on its own or can is simply false. The lack of Soviet aid at present is throwing the island into a deep financial disaster.
When Sandino returned to Nicaragua, he embraced the reason for the Liberal Party. Sandino believed that this party would make a revolution within the Mexican mannequin that was antioligarchical and anti-imperialist. The founder of the Somoza dynasty, Anastasio Somoza Garcia, was a prominent member of the Liberal Party. This gives us a real indication of the two-faced character of this get together.
He stamped out all expressions of Soviet democracy, however fought hard against Nazism to defend socialist property relations within the USSR. In my next and final submit, I want to take up the query of why the FSLN's kind of Marxism succeeded in making a strong revolution but did not bear lasting fruit. Most blame should be put at imperialism's doorstep, but the Sandinistas themselves made important mistakes. The Marxism of Fonseca and the opposite Sandinistas is probably not to the liking of Trotskyists, however it's a Marxism nonetheless. Besides the customary texts of Marx, Engels and Lenin that inform most Marxist thought, Fonseca drew heavily upon the example of Cuban Marxism.
Augusto Cesar Sandino was born in 1895, close to Managua the capital. In 1923, he grew to become a bookkeeper in a US owned oil firm near Tampico, Mexico, where the flames of the Mexican revolution have been nonetheless alive. It was there the place he developed the political ideas that guide him for the remainder of his life. Understanding the Nicaraguan revolution on its own terms requires that we stop holding it up to the prism of the Cuban or Russian revolution. The everlasting revolution theory grows out of the realities of the Russian class struggle in 1905.
Guevara came as close to providing a basic guideline for this type of Marxist thought. One does not develop a concept first and then base a apply on it. The established socialist motion, together with Trotskyism, dedicated itself to creating Marxists as a precondition for revolutionary wrestle. The Cubans reversed this by stating that making revolution helps to create Marxists. Going abroad



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