Red Sea Diving

Red Sea Diving

This plateau transforms right into a stretching shelf, allowing for the existence of the mentioned deep wall. Giftun is sometimes exposed to climate and robust current. Needless to say some expertise is highly recommmended for the deep wall dive right here.

Many vibrant species of fish and invertebrate can be sighted here. Hurghada is a superb place to identify all things colourful – delicate coral, octopus, nudibranches, lionfish, bumpheaded parrotifsh and jet green moray eels are only a few examples. Sharm El Sheikh itself is a captivating resort city, nestled amidst beautiful landscapes; with a well developed tourist infrastructure and offering many unbelievable nearby cultural experiences.

Seawolf Diving Safari

With it’s spectacular marine biodiversity, the Red Sea is a superb place to witness an insane vary of sharks, particularly further down south. With Red Sea diving, you’ll get the chance to glimpse what ocean life used to be like, earlier than us confounding humans ever existed. For reasons unknown, Red Sea coral is extremely resilient to local weather change; which means it has degraded significantly less than coral in just about each other a part of the world. You can do most of the identical dives from El Gouna as you'll be able to from Hughada, particularly the wreck dives



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