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Living In Egypt

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Do Sharks Attack Divers?

Although they reside in each coastal and deep bathymetric areas, in the final century there has been an alarming decline of their presence in several areas. With very saline, heat waters and little tidal motion, the Mediterranean Sea is house to an abundance of sea creatures, giving the sharks plenty of meals to stay off. Unfortunately, sharks are largely misunderstood, as most of them are fully harmless and, regardless of their integral half within the ocean’s delicate ecosystems, they're being fished to extinction. Most sharks are cautious of divers though, over time, sharks have become bolder around folks due to baiting. Since some dive operators use fish to draw the sharks, the latter may affiliate the arrival of the dive boat and the splashes made by scuba divers with food.
Sharks, along with skates and rays, make up the subclass Elasmobranchii of the category Chondrichthyes, cartilaginous fish; they characterize less than 5% of marine fish species. The warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea are house to a minimum of seventy nine species of elasmobranch fish . The most represented is the Carcharhiniformes or ground sharks, including blacktip reef sharks, blue sharks, and hammerhead sharks.
It is notable for its size, with female people growing to six.1 m in length. The lifespan of nice whit



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