Three WaysThat Individuals Can Help To Prevent A Termite Infestation

Three WaysThat Individuals Can Help To Prevent A Termite Infestation

Individuals who discover they have a termite infestation in their house have a real problem on their hands. In rat control to professional termite control to eradicate these insects, individuals can take some preventative measures to keep termites away for good. Read the information below to learn what steps individuals should take for Pest Control and to help keep termites out of their house forever.


Keep Wood and Wood Products Away From The House


Since termites exist by eating wood, individuals shouldn't have any type of wood or wood product close to the perimeter of their house. Many homeowners make the mistake of piling wood for their fireplace close to their house. While this makes the woodpile closer for individuals to retrieve their wood, it also makes it easy for termites to enter the house.


Individuals who have mulch in flower beds right next to the house are also asking for trouble from termites. It's also a good idea to remove all of the old stumps that are in the yard as they also make great habitats for termites.


Make Repairs To Leaking Water Lines


Most species of termites need water or moisture to live and that's why these insects often look for a place that's damp. Individuals need to make their home less attractive to termites and this can be accomplished by repairing any leaky pipes inside the house.


wasp control should also inspect their crawl space because of the moisture that often collects in this area. mice control is often extremely high in crawl spaces and this causes condensation to form and a feeling of dampness.


Fill Cracks and Holes In Foundation


It's not unusual for cracks to be present in the walls of the foundation and even if the cracks are small, there's enough room for termites to get into the house. Individuals should inspect the entire foundation and look for cracks or holes that were made for lines and cables to run into the house.


Individuals should use a foundation sealant to cover these foundation cracks and holes. Individuals should inspect every inch of the house and plug up all the holes they see. This step should be completed before a pest control technician comes to the house to eliminate these insects.


Ortex Pest is the company to call when individuals have trouble with termites. In addition to pest management and control of termites and pests, this company also provides services for individuals who have moisture problems in their crawl space. These include fungus treatments, moisture barriers and installing foundation vents where needed.



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