Messrs Brigante & Co. bring about engineering industry as well, primarily developing engaged Individual &  integrated performances such as turnkey contract and design in metal-carpentry, piping, boiler making and mechanical industry assembly fields.
The Firm can boast about 30 year experience in the industrial sector  which has made it possible to acquire noteworthy professionalism and prestigious customers as well.

The Firm are willingly engaged in the administration and personnel management, general accounting, quality control, basic and detailed design, purchasing and contracting, construction, installation and order management.



Thanks to their dynamism, flexibility, and opportune and timely assistance, Messrs Brigante & Co. have been appreciated by various customers since their first years of  activity on the market.

The pre-arranged programs, both in standard operating conditions and during the scheduled shutdown of the plant have always been respected and the high quality of the service, even though at  competitive costs, ensure the customers the maximum safety.

The Firm have invested significant financial and technical resources in order to acquire a deeper knowledge about security problems  employing qualified professionals committed in a full program of tool box meetings with workers.
At Brindisi industrial area the Firm own a fully equipped modern industrial workshop with a wide range of welding procedures for the realization of piping, equipment and any kind of steel structures.

The Firm is equipped with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004 and OPRAH SOA certifications.

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