Company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Messrs Brigante & Co., considering Health and Safety in the workplace as key factors in the Company, in order to protect the Health and Safety of workers, realize that it is a priority and essential, as well, to ensure a:

Systematic and documented  safety of their activities in order to both avoid the occurrence of anomalies or incidents which could give rise to such accidents  as to jeopardize the workers’ safety and  health,  and preserve the surrounding Environment.

For this purpose the Company has developed, implemented, and constantly practices an adequate system of safety management in order to keep the following general principles as an integral part of their policies on HSE and accident Prevention:

  • Fulfil all applicable requirements of national, regional and local legislation concerning HSE and the Prevention from accident risks as well.

  • Ban smoking and alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc.. promoting periodic campaigns in order to raise awareness.

  • Periodically identify the possible dangers arising from the workers’ activities, and assess their risks, implementing the necessary measures of Prevention in order to safeguard the workers’ HSE as well.

  • Consciously manage their own business processes in order to keep any potential risks of accidents under control, progressively minimize them, and, where possible, completely eliminate them  taking the best available technologies into consideration.

  • Prepare and implement programs aimed at improving  safety and mitigating the potential risks of  accidents, testing them and continually updating them according to the technological development and professional experience acquired.

  • Periodically consult the representatives of the workers' safety in order to inform, educate and train all staff with the aim of both maintaining an appropriate level of awareness of the risks associated with their activities and adopting appropriate measures for their prevention.

  • Provide appropriate information to their suppliers and contractors to ensure their involvement in the application of the principles of this HSE policy.

  • Allocate the necessary resources to ensure the timely application of the principles of this policy, periodically checking the application degree and effectiveness.

The responsibility of business management in the field of HSE is entrusted to all workers at various company levels according to their own roles and skills, implementing and practicing suitable behaviours.

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