Messrs Brigante & Co. bring about iron-works, fundamentally  developing engineering and design, material supply, assembly,  start-up assistance and steel-structure maintenance, pressure equipments, boilers, steel-framed building of simple/complex systems of pipeline and industrial installations.

The main metal working are the standard fundamental ones of the industrial sector: from simple  welding to the complete realization of artifacts or/and accurately annotated complex systems relating  both to the equipment used and to finished goods.


The professionalism of the personnel, the machinery and the available equipment permit to carry out both the making and the assembly of industrial plants developing the following main activities:

  • Turnkey assembly carrying out;

  • General mechanical assembly;

  • Industrial piping construction and installation;

  • Light and heavy carpentry construction and installation;

  • Light and heavy boiler making;

  • Metal-alloy and steel pipe construction and laying;

  • Construction of tested vessels and pressure equipment;

  • Modular construction of steel structures and piping;

  • Heat exchangers retubing and expanding;

  • Plant maintenance;

  • Naval carpentry carrying out.


For several years Messrs Brigante & Co. have had the opportunity of establishing meaningful partnerships with public and/or private well-known industrial groups through generic and/or specific labour contracts.


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