Each type of mobile roof has a different structure and is suitable for each space, the characteristics of the product are manufactured according to the purpose of use. For movable folding roofs with wavy structure engraved with products such as arches, A-shaped movable awnings, ... Folding roofs are widely used in restaurants, cafes, garden spaces, by Products bring high value benefits and meet customer expectations.


Advantages of wavy structure


Folding roof in restaurant

Lower the volume


The mobile folding roof is designed creatively with wavy lines to help the water circulation process take place quickly when it rains. The inclined plane and the depth of the appropriate compartments easily clean stains on the surface of the product. Manufacturers create roofs wavy structure with the aim of reducing noise. If the surface is flat, the sound of rain falling is much louder, the tiled roof has a curvature or in other words, there is a residual elastic to reduce the noise when the raindrops contact the surface. That is why mobile folding roofs are used in many cafes, restaurants, ...

Anti-crumpled products


Thanks to the wavy shape, the folding roof is more resistant to force, because if the surface is tense when being affected by the environment, the possibility of the surface being torn and crumpled are more likely to occur. With this design, the product always keeps the surface flat, intact structure and is not crumpled due to heavy load.

Utility in use

Although the design is different, the wavy roof retains the overall advantages of the product. Features sunshade, rain cover, flexible in use, convenient for all ages. Live glazed roofs make the most of the space to ensure business space for the owner and bring quietness and airiness in the corner of the shop.

The wavy structure of the mobile awning is suitable for outdoor works such as cafes, restaurants, parking spaces, etc. The product is useful and convenient for users.

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